Epic Entertainment Zipline Lafayette



Admission is Free

EPIC Cards with Bonus Bucks
  • 20.00 card 2.00 Bonus Bucks = 22.00
  • 40.00 card 6.00 Bonus Bucks = 46.00
  • 50.00 card 10.00 Bonus Bucks = 60.00
  • 100.00 card 30.00 Bonus Bucks = 130.00 (Best Value)

We can split the amount purchased plus the Bonus Bucks onto multiple cards

Laser Tag $7.00

Spider Climb and Zero Shock Trampoline 2.50ea Arcades 1.00 - 2.00ea

Clip N Climb (15 Climbing Challenges) 6.50

Hologate Virtual Reality 6.75

Playland $8.00 All Day Pass

Bungee Trampoline $2.50

Spider Climb $2.50

Trampoline into an Air Bag $2.50

Toddlers Play 3.00 Unlimited

Play land Includes: Indoor Playground, Fun Jumps, Tee Ball, Archery, Hoops, & Connect 4.


EPIC Entertainment Ticket Pricing for our attractions

Everyone from toddlers to adults are sure to enjoy everything that EPIC Entertainment has to offer!
Safety Waivers are required for specific attractions. Fill out one ahead of time.

Safety Waiver 
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